Sunday, August 3, 2008



How are you feeding your thoughts?
What type of emotions are you cooking?
What is your feeding source?
Things grow as you pay attention to them
They thrive through your awareness
It is just a matter of time


vinoentetrapak said...

Its just a matter of time
to feel digestion of your thoughts
just pay attention to them and take
whatever you can assimilate from them
nomatter if it hurts or make you feel great.
and farewell

Maribel said...

It only takes a moment to realize we have plenty of time to think, feel, enjoy. Stay with yourself for a minute close your eyes, see all the emotions inside and outside your body and this life and the next one.

Vicco said...

.... and let the universe be your FEEDING SOURCE and you won't depend on anything else...

Vicco said...

Despues de haber leido estos mensajes y ver mi pintura... me asomo por la ventana... y veo que mi companero de casa esta regando las plantas... He is feeding them :)

Jerry said...

All I can say is "WOW"... You truly are an artist Victor. I can see that you really get personal with each painting. I cant wait for the one you do for me.

Andreas said...

Victor moves through countries and technologies and art like a fish through seas. Great art.