Thursday, August 21, 2008

Google and "Glow in the Dark" Concept

"Glow in the Dark" this was the theme for the 2008 Google Dance Party.
Do you want to see how was the party.... check it out:

The Glow in the Dark Concept was everywhere... what I liked the most... was a sort of laser that you could use to make digital graffiti... that was awesome:

So what do you think about this technology.?.. Its great for singers... shows... concerts.
Other thing that catched my attention was the design... for the logos... very trendy... even for the restrooms:

and here is the map of the party:

With"Glow in the Dark" icons...

There were lots of glowing accessories.. check them out:

And you could leave your mark on this glowing cube

As you have seen "Glow in the Dark" concept is very cool for parties... especially when you can afford it in the latest technology...

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Inkmate Joe said...

im guessing i really cant afford that theme in my next party, but im saving for the year after that