Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mexico Junior es San Jose

San Jose is a weird mixture of different cultures and styles.
If you go to the Light Rail you will see that there are 3 official languages
since everything is translated to Spanish and Vietnamese
Downtown is a mixture of Cowboy/Midwestern/Latino style with Modern Business of
Technology Companies like Adobe, for example.
Even though, the mexican flavor is the most remarkable feature of this city.
In San Jose, you can find food where I wouldn't find if I were in Monterrey, my native city.
There is a restaurant by my house that is called "El Tule" and is all about Oaxaca.
You can eat even the grass hoppers with lemon and salt, crunchy and crispy (and disgusting for some people).

This time, I got across "Chacho's" in downtown. I love this place because the food is amazing. They know what they are doing inside that kitchen. And there are 2 lovely murals about "El Dia de Muertos". The skull version of Frida Kahlo is in the mural. And there is a fight between the angel and the devil. They are fighting for a Don Julio Tequila Bottle. (Find more about Francisco Franco, the muralist of this piece of art at Good sense of humour in a beautiful piece of art, in a region that is not only american, but mexican.

But let's get back to Chacho's. I have something else to say about this place: I ate the best enchiladas I ever tasted before :) The sauce was just amazing. Pozole is also very well made.
I believe the slogan of the place is right: "Comida Chingona" (This is the real slogan).


Francisco said...

Hey, thanks for the posting. I'm glad you enjoyed the artwork. I also enjoy Chacho's cuisine. The fajitas are the best.

Vicco said...

Your welcome... next time I will ask for Fajitas.

Vicco said...
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Isa said...

Amiguiiii están bien fregones los gustaron mucho =) algun dia tendré que visitarte y me has de llevar a conocer este lugar

Anonymous said...

Chacho's Restaurant is now closed down, but you can catch the same food and new artworks at Chacho's Taco's in Downtown Cambell.