Friday, October 3, 2008

Inbound Marketing: An evolutionary stage

Outbound marketing efforts like trade shows, telemarketing and advertising
are being replaced by a new way of interacting with potential clients/customers: Inbound Marketing.


Outbound Marketing is like an "Outburst of Energy", that is becoming overwhelming, and this is what most of the companies are doing as an effort to catch the attention of potential clients/customers. There is too much noise out there, and this is a form of pollution. As a result, rather than listening to these loud messages, potential clients/customers are blocking them.

On the other hand, Inbound Marketing is more like "gravitational attraction" that comes from inner resources (Sustainable Competitive Advantage). Potential clients/customers come to you because they are being pulled and not pushed.

Marketing strategy is evolving now into a new approach.

I think this painting that I made, is a good representation of what is happening with Marketing. A company is like a cell, it belongs to a bigger system but it has its own inner structure. As you can see, the busiest part of the painting is inside the cell. The yellow waves runs everywhere within the cell and they represent the marketing efforts coming from inside. The shape of the cell suggests a morphing state and the antennas are the result of evolution: The cell has developed new organs that will execute the "gravitational force" to it's environment, that is represented in the painting as a white, clean background. (In the original painting looks more white). As you can see, the environment is not saturated. So, in this way, inbound marketing is more "green" and "environmentally friendly", because it attracts potential customers/clients naturally, without pushing them or spreading loud messages and noise.

There are pieces of HTML code in the painting, that suggests that one of the Inbound Strategies is SEO (You can click on the picture to zoom-in) but the five antennas give the idea of a multi-strategy approach.

- Victor Velásquez

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Andreas said...

"Inbound Marketing": that's a good name for it. Your products or services should be findable at the moment when your target audience (your customers) are looking for them, on whatever media they are using (web, radio, TV, newspapers, PDAs, etc.) -- andreas