Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nature is an Artist too

All these art work was created by Nature.
I was only a man who happened to have a camera at the right time.

Lachine, Québec

Natural Bridges, California

Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, México

Montréal, Québec

When I saw all these emotional landscapes I realized how valuable my eyes are.
Now I know that I own two pair of windows that let the Beauty in.

Muir Woods, California

Rayones, Nuevo León, México

Mount Tamalpais, California

Parc du Mont Orford, Québec

My heartbeat was faster and I probably sighed seven times.
Don't you feel rich when you look around?

Stinson Beach, California

Durango, México

When I saw the BIG painting that Nature has made 360 degrees around me,
I wished I'd got wings to look around on the go, feeling the wind on my face.
To see how the horizon expands, as well as m
y lungs...

Napa Valley, California

Santiago, Nuevo León, México

San Francisco, California

And my thoughts became a poem, and my heartbeat was as music.
I felt this urge that you were with me.
But I am still happy if you only watch this.
I truly wanted to share it with you.

Durango, México

Santa Barbara, California
© Joe Alanís

Galeana, Nuevo León, México

Just look around, take a snapshot with your camera...
but more important, take it with your memory.

- Victor Velásquez

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