Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AstroPowers: Gemini


Spider-Man is Gemini!

The 3 Powers of Gemini:

  1. Web Shooters: Just as Spider-Man shoot his web to trap his enemies. People of Gemini would use a web of ideas and words, knitted with a smart and brilliant logic, and they would shoot it in a very charismatic way, to capture your attention. Of course, this would happen only in case they are one of those talkative Geminis, otherwise they will keep the web for themselves as they would understand how every idea they listen or read, is connected.
  2. Swing Movement: Just as Spiderman swings from building to building. Gemini would swing very fast from one place to another place, from subject to subject, from channel to channel, from person to person, from book to book, from videogame to videogame... (what else?) But they would also do cross-movements like from person to book, from book to videogame and so on... They are restless and very flexible. And sometimes they are, literally, a Circus Character.
  3. "Share" Feature: Do you remember the profession of Peter Parker (Spider-Man). He was a journalist/photographer. He is definitely the Geminian type! All Geminis come with a "Share Feature" just like most of the Social Media such as Facebook or My Space does. They are "Information Distributors" and they like to share everything with the community. They almost always develop a very strong sense of "Fellowship".

Have you read the AstroDescription for Gemini yet? Here is the article (Although... it is in Spanish)

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