Thursday, July 2, 2009

AstroPowers: Leo


Just a Quick Note before the Three Powers. Iron Man is a very clear representation of Leo. We can appreciate the solar colors of the powered suit. The light that comes from the center of the armor represents the Sun. And remember, the part of the body that is ruled by Leo is the Heart, and according to the story of Iron Man, Tony Stark (The Main Character) suffered a Heart Injury and his "super power" develops around this issue.

And the Super Powers of Leo are:

  1. Pride Armor: Leo is always protected by his or her own Pride. This armor makes Leos feel Powerful and less prone to Inferiority Feelings. In fact, lack of Self-Esteem is never registered in their up and downs of life. They are brave and always confront situations face to face and with a sense of dignity.
  2. Permanent Vitality: One of the most fascinating super powers of Leo, is that they are a Source of Energy and Light. Take Leo to a depressing or creepy place and chances are the party would start. Take Leo to any social situation and the boredom and tedium will fade. There would be more than one reason to celebrate and more than one reason to smile. You don't need a fireplace, take your friend Leo.
  3. Special Rights: Leos were born under a different law than the rest of the human beings. They feel that they can do whatever they want and in their own way. And they do feel that everything moves around them. They will always put Individualism first. But the good thing about the Special Rights they feel they have, is that if you are his or her friend, you would become special too. Everything that Leo touches becomes Special.

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