Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yosemite: A Dramatic Landscape

Today I have spent a day in one of the most dramatic landscapes on earth: Yosemite National Park

It is a place where mountains are walls, the trees touch the sky, the water thunders around, and the bears pop in once in a while. It is the first time i am inside a canyon, 360 degrees surrounded by mountains.

Here are some snapshots from such a wonderful place that combines water, stone and forest in a very unique way:

It is impossible to drive in the park without stopping every 10 minutes.

This huge cliff is called "El Capitan"

The best thing when you are at Bridal veil fall, is when you feel the mist on your face

I know there is a mountain "Cathedral Rock". Maybe this one?

It is a great idea to be prepared for a nice swim on Sentinel Beach

Pines and Rocks try to touch the sky

Sky + Rock + Forest + Grass

One of the tallest falls in America. Water stop falling in August. It is the water of melting snow that falls.

You can find a Grocery Store, a Sports Shop, a bar, restaurants, Art Galleries and much more in the two villages: Yosemite and Curry

I will always remember this place

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