Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obsessed with Colors

I was on my coach and suddenly... a revelation
from the sky.
I saw a rainbow in my mind, a celebration
in my house.

A holy playful colorful spirit invasion.
It was a possession...

And it triggered a deep transformation.
The only thing I was able to see was COLORS.

A magical touch gotten from stardust waiting for a new creation.
I just wanted to destroy the boring gray tones of this civilization.

And then I stumbled upon the first victim.
Everything I touched suffered a psychedelic transformation.

I can't make the spirit fit all in my chest.
Even if I am in ecstasy with its incarnation.
I have to spread its joyous vibration.

So... Join us, join us, join us for this color celebration.
Join us, join us, join us for this charming occasion.

Join us, join us, join us, taste and feel the sensation.
Join us, join us. It will awaken your imagination!

It is the light that hunts our attention.

It is the light that awakens our senses.
The light that gets through our veins.
The light that gets trough the window...
of your eyes.

The holy playful colorful spirit invasion.

And now I am hypnotized by all these colors.
Now I want to keep their energy for my Black & White days.

I wash away this Makeup Exaggeration.

'Cause in my heart I find the Color Celebration.
waiting again for another spirit manifestation.

-Victor Velásquez


Agradezco la colaboración de Mayté y Joe Alanis, que hicieron posible esta sesión fotográfica, divertida y llena de creatividad.


Pau said...

me gustó!!! pura creatividad visual...

iLiThYa said...

wey te mamaste!!! me encanto este post...

i'll joing the color-fest!!

si estuviera alla, me encantan los colores, son vida =)

y muy buenas fotos para contrastar aun mas los colores.

claro que tambien tu poema, todo un manifiesto de color.

sigue creando vicco!!

mayte Ibarra said...

me gustó mucho el poema y las fotos se ven chingonas, yaa quiero festejar, pero no quiero que te vayas