Sunday, August 1, 2010



Date: July 2010
Tecnique: Acrylic on Canvas
Syle: Organic
Theme: Immigration
Place: Montréal, Québec

This painting has to do with immigration. Montréal is a city that is mostly comprised by immigrants from different parts of the world. These people come to the island and bring their particular color, flavor and essence to the whole society they are part of.

Just as the organs in the body of a human being, we can all have an important role for the benefit of the big creature we are part of. We are all necessary for the existence of this entity that we call "Society".

I arrived to Montréal as an immigrant. After my arrival I knew that I had to discover what would be my own contribution to the big creature. What kind of activity would represent the best version of me, from the perspective of the needs of this big creature I am living in?

So I decided to map the organic process that I wanted to become part of. And that's how I started this painting. The inspiration: My desire of integration. When I finished the painting I thought that the whole creative process was actually a sort of Social Adaptation Therapy. While mapping this island, the city of Montréal, I was a
t the same time, mapping my own desire and the desire of the collective which, in my vision, is seen as a single creature.

We still don't know whether
in the future, Montréal will be a mosaic or a melting pot. But the creature is evolving, as everything in life.

-Victor Velásquez

Now, would you like to see City-Island-Creature-Me, step by step?
Check out the following pictures!

First, I copied the image of the island of Montreal, making sure I was not pressing to much the graphite on the screen.

Then I needed to do some measurement and I found a very useful ruler widget. I made a mini-map.

Then, I had to draw some lines on the Canvas that would function as proportion guidelines.

I finished my grid and I was so happy that the art was about to begin... (Wujuuuuuuh!)

I decided that the grid was going to be part of the piece. It would be the background and it would make the piece look a little bit like a GPS screen.

Here we go: Me looking at the City in the Island which is also a Creature


Ime Gzz said...

I really love ur painting!!! =) it's beautiful!!! thanks a lot for share this with us...... it's great the concept of "feel integrated"... and It's great the idea of "FIND YOUR ROLE IN THE ENVIRONMENT YOU WANT TO BE"... I will add "AND PLAY THAT ROLE"... some people just say: "I'll like to do this, or that" BUT, They don't do it!!!! Sometimes I do that, and I'm sure I'm losing so much things in my life...

Great things to thing... let's play a role, let's do something for the place we want to be... let's do something for ourselves to INTEGRATE with ourselves first! =D

ilithya said...

wey me encanto la pintura y el post con la sesion de como pintaste.

parece una mariposa de lejos, me gusta eso de la pintura, que puedes encontrarle varios sentidos al observarla, antes de leer el sentido que tiene para ti cuando la pintaste.

Vicco said...

Gracias chicas por sus comentarios! Me da gusto que te hiciera pensar Ime. Ilithya: La isla de Montreal parece una mariposa hehee.. o un murcielago hoho.

Anonymous said...

what a great job
i really liked your painting
actually i am studing at mcgill and i am working on project talking about immigration
so i wanna ask you if its possible to use your painting in my project !!
: )