Friday, September 5, 2008

Music as a source of inspiration

Painting and Music are not two separate things.
In fact... you can paint what you hear from MUSIC
and the feelings it evokes
Part of my art is inspired in what music make me feel
Discovering new music is so exciting, because at the same time it triggers new sensations and movements in your body.
It makes you dance... but it can also makes you paint...

In my discovery path... for some reason... I discovered this group from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (My land). I am talking about 60 Tigres. A group that plays Funk/Psychodelic rythms... Click on the link and check the music out... you can even download the songs :)

This guys are about to play @ ACL (Austin City Limits) !!!! .... If they get enough votes... Let's support them!
Vote here.

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iLiThYa said...

eah eah!!
vote people, vote!!