Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Signs of Life in the USA

There is something very interesting about this book...
Like most books I have read, It has appeared in my life just at the moment I was asking so many questions. Questions about my surroundings, about the symbols I encounter everyday in this american culture.

Here in United States I am an outsider but at the same time I am learning the American way by osmosis. But I can use this book as a reference to frame the observations that I have been doing so far:

Signs of Life in USA is a book about
Popular Culture or American Consumption (same thing?). It is interesting how the culture of a society can be described by the products that people buy. According to this book, products have meaning, they are identity statements for people. In United States and most "americanized countries" they represent who you are.

I will keep reading this book. It tells me the story of what I am seeing with my own eyes, every day, on every street, on every person I meet. What a coincidence that the book cover has the same style as my blog! Maybe my blog has a Pop vibe or what if I use the Pop Language only as a way to give a deeper message, that goes even beyond Pop Culture?

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