Sunday, April 12, 2009

California Joe's Egg Celebration

How to Blend 3 Different Concepts for a Party Game

Maybe is too late for tips for an Easter Party, but you can always bookmark this article and use it next year or... perhaps you haven't make an "egg celebration" yet... and it will be next week. Anyways, I just want to share what I did on April 4th 2009 during the small Pool Party that I threw in Montemorelos, Mexico.

There were three different ingredients that I wanted to add to the Pool Party:

  1. I wanted to celebrate Joe's Birthday.
  2. I wanted to add the Easter Flavor somehow.
  3. Since, I've been in California, and the Pool Party was taking place in Mexico (my country) I had to share my "Californian Experience" with my peeps.
So, I put together these 3 ingredients in the Blender, and this is what I came up with:
Joe's Birthday + Easter Flavor + Californian Style = Joe Eggs Game

When people arrived to the Californian Pool Party, they got across a big poster I made, placed on an easel in the middle of the pathway, very close to the pool area. The poster was showing 6 different types of eggs that were hidden all over the place.
-There are 76 eggs waiting for you! Help yourself- I told my friends once they were ready to start searching.

Joe Eggs:

Famous Joe: As the poster shows, Famous Joe was the egg decorated with the yellow stars. The were filled with Tangy Jelly Beans and a 3D Sticker. (My guests loved SweeTart Jelly Beans, HERE is a good review)

Flamming Joe: For those who liked hot candies, finding a bunch of flamming joes was the primary goal. They were filled with Miguelitos (A syrup made with a fruit that is like peach but more sour and hot). Some others were filled with a Ball of Hot Tamarindo Candy and some other with Checolines (Sort of Jelly Beans but a bit bigger and hot).

Joe Potter: These eggs were for magic lovers. The were filled with spells as well as the antidotes. It was fun seeing people placing water-based tattoos on the back for protection or asking for an antidote to undo the "The Seven Years of Bad Sex Spell".

L.A. Joe: As it is shown, L.A. Joe eggs were exxpressive and stylish. Why? Because they were filled with L.A. style tattoos. They became the favorite eggs of the game. After we opened all the eggs, some of my friends started placing their tattoos on their necks, bellies, arms... even the nose!

Wacky Joe: In my opinion, the funniest part was when my guests opened these cartoonish and colorful eggs. They were filled with unexpected tricks and jokes such as a small box with an image of a cherry and the phrase "Smell me" but to their surprise... the smell was not the smell of a cherry but garlic! or a weird little bag filled with crumbs taken from different tables of different kitchens. They were also some jokes for the dirty mexican mind, that one of the guests who happened to be canadian didn't understand.

Super Joe Combo: Ohh yeah! Not only Mc Donalds or Burger King has a Combo Plan. 6 Eggs were bigger than the rest and they were filled with a little bit of everything. Chocolates, Sour Candy, Hot Candy, Tattoos and a Sticker.

I think this little game was a good way to give a twist to the Pool Party!
I don't care if you copy some of my ideas!
Hope you find this article a bit inspirational...


iLiThYa said...

ayy lastime no stuve en la fiesta :(

Vicco said...

Si estuvo bien chida ... luego hacemos otra.