Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project Paint: My First Artistic Challenge in Califonia

In this section I will be giving you updates about the Art Challenges that I get here in California. This is the first one. I hope there will be more...

Name of the Project:
  • R = Restroom
  • B = Blue
  • OAK = Oakland
  • .05 = May
The Client: He is a Pisces guy with a good taste. Everything matches perfectly in his appartment. He likes Still Life colors and Burgundies. But as for the bathroom, he is willing to try Cooler Shades.

The Goal: To create a painting that will be placed over the toilet.

The Challenges:
  1. Colors have to match with the carpets, toilet and courtain. (Different shades of Blue, Black and White)
  2. It has to be Abstract/Modern
  3. Shapes and syle has to harmonize with the courtain.

See the full creative process, step by step. Only HERE in Project Paint.
The first STEP for this painting is now published:

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