Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Project Paint: RBOAK.05 Step ONE


There are TWO ideas going around in my mind: An idea that I got ONE month ago which is fixed in my mind (and I think fits pretty well with the client's desire) and the idea of creating something in a very spontaneous way, just as Abstract Expressionism is.

So, I will make these two paintings, considering the THREE Challenges, described in the last post.
  1. I will create a painting, shaping images and colors as they appear on the canvas.
  2. I will create another one, shaping the images and ideas that I already have in my mind
Once the TWO paintings are finished, my client will choose the one that he thinks fits better in his restroom. (Well if he wants to get both... there won't be any problem :) )

Zinc White, Titanium White and the White of the Canvas.

I turned on Pandora.com as I started painting. Music is always a source of inspiration for me. Ladytron, The Knife, The Faint, Moving Units and much more, were played on my lap top while I was getting the first moment of inspiration: Light.

Electronic Music, Techno, Psycho, Eclectic and Progressive Rock. If you put all together, you would get sparkles of light (At least in my mind). Electric Sounds are very easy translated to Light. And thats what I was thinking about. I have a cousin who says that when she dances she can almost see the shapes of the music going around. Was she stoned? No. I believe there is a connection between sounds and visuals.

So here is formula behid: Electronic Music = Light = Color White
So I faced the package of colors and I saw the TWO kinds of White available there: Zinc White and Titanium White. Somehow, I wanted to play with both. And that's how I started the war between these TWO Whites trying to grab space on the canvas. As a result I would meet the background of the painting.

Wait a minute! This war was not only between Zinc White and Titanium White.
The White of the Canvas was also trying to survive. So, in this background you would see Random Strives made of the THREE types of White.

Let's zoom in a bit:

Yeah! I know it looks a little bit gray... but believe me... it is WHITE! :)

Once the background was created... then I wanted something to emerge from it; not as a separated figure or shape but almost as if it were part of this War of Light.

Interconnected Cells Absorbing Light?

And here you have the first sings of life on the canvas: A blue chain of interconnected cells that , somehow, absorbs the light generated by the three different kinds of White. This light is still feeding them, so let's see what happens to the cells in the following days. How will they evolve? I will keep you posted!

Of course these circles and the blue conectors can be anything you can imagine.

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