Friday, September 25, 2009

The Astrological Vibrary

Reading the theory Eugenio Carutti in his books I came across a phrase that resonated more than the rest:
"The Zodiac is a vibratory system in which each of its areas (signs), vibrates in a specific way, like the frets of a big circular guitar. When they vibrate each in its note, they produce forms linked to that particular quality "- Eugenio Carutti.
The basic Astrology books that we buy at Amazon or in esoteric bookstores try to explain each of these 12 vibrations. The information is divided into 12 chapters where authors write the description of each sign, with its correlation with body parts, stones, colors, even countries and cities. They add sections such as "Aries in Love" or "Taurus in the professional" life.

To understand one of these books you, basically, have to read and find some logic in what you read. What if you begin reading at the center of the page and skipping the beginning of a particular topic? Chances are you do not understand it completely, because you lack the information that is behind. You read a few lines, and the only way to understand the whole story is reading it all. Or unless you've made a summary.

On the other hand, where are the exercises or tasks that would help you better understand the theory? In many books on physics, for example, the origins of a formula or theory are explained at the beginning of the chapter. But the application of the formula is fully understood until you start doing exercises.

The complete understanding of the Foundation of Astrology occurs when you make the link between concepts and perceptions. In this basic level is very important not only to know the astrological theory but to develop sensitivity.

What needs do we have as a student of the basic level of Astrology:
  1. Synthesize information studied, to understand in depth the essence of each sign.
  2. Experiment with the vibrations of each sign and coming up with your own conclusions.
  3. Develop the sensitivity to perceive the vibration of each sign in your personality and your environment.
To meet these needs, in the Black Thread, we have created a new concept: The Vibrary.

The vibrary is an astrological journal of perceptions. The word "Vibrary" comes from the combination of Diary + Vibration = Vibrary (A diary of zodiacal vibrations). At first it is a diary of bland sheets that will be filled with pictographic conclusions about the basic essence of each signs. The pages are filled with colors, textures, and certain phrases as a collage and with creative freedom. It is a technique similar to what is known as Scrapbooking in United States.

With this journal is possible to synthesize the information with drawings or pictures that are recognized by our perception, rather than by logic. We are aware of the 12 vibrations (sings) while creating the vibrary. And it helps us recognize them in our lives and surroundings.

The Vibrary is something we use as a tool of the Study of Astrology, in The Black Thread. This accompanies the theory and represents the personal canvas to experiment with, while learning.

I'll be posting some images of these vibraries.

Read the Spanish Version

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