Sunday, October 25, 2009

Astrological Party 2009. Monterrey, Mexico.

It was October 24th, 2009.
At midnight we had to set the time 1 hour back so it was a perfect time for a long party.
I was in Monterrey, Mexico and I wanted to gather some of my friends together, but also my students from Astrology courses that I taught in the past.
This time it was not about a pool, it was not about searching for eastern eggs in the garden nor about wearing costumes. It was just a simple get together, next to Santa Lucia River in one of those apartment buldings with brick walls and pointy roofs just before the Art History Museum.

But, yes, just as all the parties I have done in the past. This one had a theme as well, and it was ASTROLOGY.

I decided to set the table with food and drinks representing each of the signs of the zodiac. The idea behind is "If you had something related with each of the signs, there would be a flavor balance". I knew that some of the people that attended the party did not know anything about Astrology, so I inserted little flags with the image of each sign so my friends were able to identify the food with the sign. Here are some pics:

Wheat is traditionally associated with Virgo. In this plate you can see all the practical stuff (Virgo) that you need for eating like napkins and toothpicks. It was a bread made of wheat, but the fact that bread is used for assembling a sandwich, makes it a tool, so we can say that bread has a Virgo personality.

Aquarius was on the table through Jelly Beans of three of the most unique flavors: Toasted marshmallow, Popcorn and Ice Cream. But after this picture was taken, one of my Aquarius friends brought dry fruits, which are also related with this sign. I was quite impressed by the dry kiwis and the dry watermelon slices. They were delicious.

Can you recognize the sign of this half & half plate?. Of course, it was Sagittarius, a bunch of sliced palm tree hearts and another bunch of sliced baby corns.

All the food that calms you down or makes you feel that you are in a trance-like state of mind are related to Piscis. So, wine is a piscean drink. On the other hand, food that energize you or provoke a mood change is related to Scorpio. Dark Chocolate was the representation of Scorpio on our table.

Dairy products are traditionally related to Cancer, since they come from the breast of some animals and this part of body is ruled by this sign. But some of them has a Capricorn personality, especially old cheeses. Goat Cheese is a very clear representation of Capricorn.

Pears are traditionally associated with Taurus and all the berries with the sign of Libra. These two signs are ruled by Venus. And this means that the sweet flavor is present in most of the food associations with these two signs.

Spicy flavor is brought to the table by the sign of Aries. There were sun dried tomatoes and pickled bell peppers with vegetables.

Let's bring alternative meanings to our get-togethers and parties. There are so many reasons to celebrate and enjoy our lives. Why do we have to do the same thing over and over again?. Let's stop the pattern and renovate the way we interact with people.

-Victor Velásquez

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