Sunday, November 15, 2009

Make a Wish. To become a Jelly Fish

Watch both videos at the same time.
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Today, Beauty came through the window of my eyes.
Today, Movement had a rythm and caught all my attention.

It hypnotized me and made me feel I was part of a surreal painting.
It hypnotized me and made me want to touch it. But I didn't get hurt 'cause I was not a victim.

Deep inside me, I wanted to forget I was a bag of bones.
Deep inside me, I just wanted to float and flow with such grace.
And without any help of a shooting star, I became one of them...
Lightweight, Sneaky, Attractive, Powerful...

What if I stared at your movements mysterious jelly fish?
What if I let you hypnotize me without getting caught and shocked?
What if I came here often and watched through this glass the trick you do for hours and hours...?
Would I learn a powerful lesson?
Would I become one of you?

(Poetry to Neptune in Scorpio)

-Victor Velásquez

These pictures and videos were taken by Victor Velásquez at the Monterey Aquarium in California.


Anonymous said...

the jellyfish pictures are so beautiful and so is the poem about them

iLiThYa said...

y ora tu? que te fumaste??
te ves bien viajado en ese video del baile del jellyfish...hehhe

ya te esta afectando el aire de san pepito :p
que jalado!

p.s. buenas fotos =)

Vicco said...

Fumado? Yo sólo estaba imitando al Jelly Fish...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Casi me hipnotizas con los movimientos, muy bien muy artístico.