Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mont Tremblant: A Marketing Product?

Only 130 km north-west on Montreal,
There is a new born baby town right on the foothills.

The reason it exists is an urge to please the customers.

No pyramids, no triumphal arcs, no ancient rock paintings...
But a sacred mountain transformed into a ski resort.

Strange symbols on the rock? Maybe hieroglyphics? No, it's just the ski tracks map.

French people would make fun of its well preserved Disneyland architecture,
while not Europeans would stand astonished by the colors and charm of the buildings.

Is this a fake town? A marketing product?

Maybe we say so, just because its history has just started...

All i can say is that it is a beautiful place.

And I know how to enjoy things just as they are.

-Victor Velásquez

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Suzanne Denisse said...

que padre Vicc
se ve q es un pueblo pintoresque!! jajaaj de esos q nos gustan
me encanto eso de q quiza es solo q su historia comienza...muy cierto...lo q si es q hay productos q de veras son apreciados q existan y q alguien se tome la molestia de invertir en ellos para nuestro placer jajaaja mientras respeten la naturaleza del lugar porque no?? besos