Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ritual de Luz - I Want to Be a Source of Light

When are we going to stop running away?
There is not such a bad past and there is not such a threatening future.
All we've got is NOW

When are we going to break the shell and see clear?

I need to adore a different god. A god that shows the right attitude towards life.

And I need to feel this new god in me as electricity that charges me every day.

If Life is so cool, why do we believe in darkness sometimes? This is stupid!
We just have to find again the source of light which is always there.. and smile again.

Then... we will be ready to be a source of light

I don't want to stay in darkness...

I want to be a Source of Light.



Suzanne Denisse said...

pues a meditar primo es la unica forma de empezar!! besos

Anonymous said...

Gusto en poder saludarte de nuevo Vicco, un abrazo. Fer.