Friday, October 28, 2011

It is raining money - Del Cielo llueven Monedas

Title of this painting / Título de la pintura: It is raining money / Del Cielo llueven Monedas
Artist / Artista: Victor Velasquez
Technique / Técnica: Acrylic and Oil on Paper / Acrílico y Óleo sobre papel
Theme / Tema: Faith in abundance / La Fé en la Abundancia
Date / Fecha: October 2011 / Octubre 2011

I used to bring my umbrella when a rainy day came along. But now I just open my arms and embrace it, 'cause it is raining money!
Abundance is everywhere! It was just me who used to hide from it.

If we are the creators of this material world it means that we can master it and get everything we want from it. We must have faith, 'cause the universe provide everything we truly need. I just have to play this melody that is deep in my heart. I just have to play it loud and make the skies listen. They would always respond me as an echo of my own rhythm. And the music of my spirit will move the clouds as a gold thunder make abundance collapse on me.

I can make rain money. You can make rain money. We can all make rain money, 'cause we believe so.

Abundance is there in all its forms. Money is just the costume of our times.
Abundance is the music I dance since I wake up every morning. It's melody comes from deep in my heart.

It is not the American dream what we want to collapse.
It is our very own dream.

-Victor Velasquez

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