Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Green Widget

Title: The Green Widget
Painter: Victor Velásquez
Date: March 23th, 2009
Technique: Oil & Plaster on Canvas
Style: Videogames, Japanese Posters
Series Theme: Techno-Nature
Location: San Jose, California

Why do we get so excited when we get points by killing people?
The wars we play in video games, we play them for real.
We have educated these kids and we still feed their minds with destruction
They are learning through video games that human beings are enemies of other human beings.
What a powerful learning tool is a video game!
Why don't we use it to make these kids be prepared for the coming years?
We should open our eyes bigger to see the kind of intruders we are.
We are consuming Earth's resources and we still have the same priorities.
We are still fighting and killing in behalf of our economies.
I wonder if we need to experience a catastrophe, so we could learn the lesson.
When we played The Green Game we would have to be members of the same team.
Let's create games in which you gain points by growing more trees!
Let's create games where technology is used not for a better economy but for a better planet!
At least we would be planting a mindset that could produce the solutions we need!
The Green Widget should be downloaded in advance in our minds.
We should start playing with it because we will play it for real.

This painting is also an abstract muck-up of a Green Video Game.
Let me know if you want to develop it and if you need a crew. I am in!


Joe Alanís said...

Andale! así si se aprecia bien!

Quedó pocamadre!!! felicidades :D pensé que los colores no me iban a gustar pero aquí si se aprecian bien y si combina todo!

Muy padre concepto aparte


Johanna said...

Esta muy muy padre la pintura me gusto mucho...Tmb me da un vibe abstracto de Adan & Eve & the forbidden tree, no se porque.

Solo como comentario donde pusiste: "Let's create games in which you gain points by sowing more trees!", no seria growing en lugar de sowing? Poque queremos mas arboles no menos, no? :)

Vicco said...

Veo que está confusa la palabra. Se confunde con el verbo "to saw" que "usar serrucho para cortar". Pero la palabra que esataba usando era "to sow" que se usa mucho para decir "sembrar semillas" "to sow seeds". Pero se confunde... y lo que quiero es que el texto no se preste a malinterpretacion así que cambie las palabras.... muchas gracias Joahanna por tu observación :)