Monday, April 20, 2009

My First Soirée; My First exhibit in California

I have been doing art since 2002. I have done exhibits for Tec de Monterrey and Auditorio Luis Elizondo in Monterrey, Mexico as well some collaborative exhibits in the same city. I have also shared my artwork in Corredor del Arte (Downtown Monterrey) from January 2005 - June 2005. But Yesterday, was the first time I shared my artwork in a gallery of Califonia, United States (Berkeley). It was a very rewarding experience:

Lyn Williams (MySoirée.Net) and Victor Velásquez (ElHiloNegrodeVicco)

- There is a Soirée coming this weekend! - Lyn told me. And as soon as she did I selected the paintings that I wanted to be part of the exhibit as well as the frames. I was very excited since it was an opportunity for me to share my vision as well as the message I have embedded in every painting. Every painting has a story behind and people like to hear those stories. They are part of the "Art of Selling Art". So I got ready and I talked to potential clients about what my paintings have to say. This time, I didn't get any sale but I am very happy about the reactions of the poeple toward my Art:
Techno-Nature, the merge of Technology with Nature.

After the presentation, a girl approached me and she was amazed by the fact that my paitings were exactly what a BioTech company in Las Vegas was looking for. So she gave me this incredible idea. Is there any Bio Tech Company out there that would like to buy my Art? I really enjoy working with the concept of merging Techonology with Nature in a piece of artwork. And I just realized what a perfect match is the kind of art I do with a Bio Tech Company.

It is also, a good opportunity to see what other artists are doing and learn from them. This gave me a broader perspective.

These are the benefits of being an active participant of a Soirée. If you are an artist and you haven't posted your artwork there, here is the link again. And get ready because there are more Soirées coming.

"Psycho Code" and the First Soirée

"The Green Widget" and the First Soirée

The event was sponsored by Jamie Erfurdt's Studio & Gallery. (Berkeley, CA)
Guests were welcomed with a cup a wine, cheese and cookies.


iLiThYa said...

muy chido como dije ;)


iLiThYa said...

ahhhh hahaha alfin te comente algo en tu blog como noo ehhh!!
tenias razon, ya no me pide el login..tons no ta tan de hueva ;)

Suzanne Denisse said...

hey cous i'm very proud of u!!
haces muchas cosas q quiero hacer y q no me doy el tiempo para realizarlas asi q me inspiras para q el encuentre el tiempo de hacer lo q me gusta!! q vengan muchas mas!! saludos y gracias por los calamares! besos

Vicco said...

sera que solamente te estoy devolviendo la inspiracion que tu me has dado a mi?