Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do you know what is going on in Zimbabwe?

Please, stop doing what you are doing for just a moment.
And Learn about the situation in Zimbabwe:

This is Zimbabwe from Dispatch Foundation on Vimeo.

We complain about so many things
and we often forget that we have the essential needs fulfilled

But some people in this world, are trying to survive dramatically
in the very beginning of their lives.

Is there something we can do?

Learn, spread the word, start your own action or support other's action.
Just like this one:

Learn how you can join the cause

Astrological Note: Neptune in Aquarius is Calling. It is time to help our people. We are all human beings.


iLiThYa said...

Gracias por spreading the word my friend.

Que poches no! hehe

Alexander Kempe said...

Hey there!

thanks for the post and your support, we appreciate any help we can get on this project!

Keep updated, we're set to roll!