Monday, May 25, 2009

Vasona Lake Park for Nature Lovers

The idea behind these series of posts of natural scenes is to discover a new park, beach, hill, river or reservoir, every now and then, and show the experience to the online community. Beauty is everywhere... I just feel this urge to share what I see. I always wish you were here.

Vasona Lake, Los Gatos, California

Water and Foliage. What a perfect combination to calm down the mind.

From the tip of the bridge you feel surrounded of Water.

Big family.

Intense Green. We were tempted to lay down and we did it.

Lunch Time for Ducks.

The Santa Cruz Mountains can be seen from far.

A crow gave me a creepy look while I was taking the picture.

Only Earth and Water? No... The 4 elements are there: Look at the sky, that's Air and the sunshine is Fire.


Joe Alanís said...

Only in California you can get such colors...
I wish I was there.

Vicco said...

you are welcome... any time!