Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day in Montreal

We were just going to take a look of Earth Day Parade but then somehow we were swallowed by the crowd.

According to a tweet by @JourdelaterreQc 250 000 people were reported to be attending this event in Montreal!

Some people were very creative with their outfits. Some banners were very original like the ones above, for which, they used transparent umbrellas and transformed them into jelly fishes. They could also imitate the movement of this creatures pretty well! (By the way, I am also very good at imitating jelly fishes).

Or what about these guys that took advantage of the popular image of "Screm" to represent the scream of Earth"? Our heads started to turn from one side to the other.

 I saw all these people expressing themselves and I wanted to do it too.  I was not shaking any banner nor screaming any phrase. I was just walking. But, as I was doing it, I realized that we were all there for one single reason: To remember that we must take care of our planet. 


And I think this small article with images taken today in downtown Montreal, is a sort of banner saying "We all think our planet Earth is very important" So why don't we change our priorities?. 

I hope you've got some inspiration from it.

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